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Networks - Databox UK
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Broadband Whether you choose ADSL or Fibre optic, we can set up your equipment and get you up and running quickly. We can also set up any E-mail accounts for you.

There is no hourly rate to pay, just one fixed price that we will agree up front.

We can also provide any Networking equipment such as Switches and Hubs, Wireless cards, Powerline adapters, Wireless boosters, dongles etc. We will set up your Home page(s) and show you how to surf the Internet.

We can provide help if you are experiencing problems with your existing home or office Network or your Internet connection is not working correctly.

We can also help with Networking printers and offer advice on printer types.


We set up wireless Networks, and can help if you have slow Internet or drop-out issues.

We will protect your Wireless Network to ensure that it is secure from outside sources. We also install Wired Networks, solve problems and can offer advice on Broadband providers.

Business We can install a Server PC and set up a Network for small businesses to facilitate automatic Back up and Data and Printer sharing, or simply provide support for existing Hardware and Software. We can upgrade one of your existing PCs to become the Server.